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Security Engineering

Foresight’s security engineering capability has been developed over years of real-world, practical experience working inside some of the world’s largest and most complex private and public organisations. Our team often confronts difficult security problems throughout our day-to-day customer work and provides field-tested techniques to help protect our clients.


Our approach to Security Engineering

Equipped with hands-on experience and up-to-date knowledge of the cyber security landscape. Foresight's Security Engineering practice offers three key points of differentiation:

End-to-end service: We are not limited to identifying security gaps through penetration testing and technical assessments, but also provide hands-on support to organisations to implement controls or remediate deficiencies.

Think like a hacker - Leveraging our penetration testing expertise, we take into account the adversary's perspective when assisting organisations to establish defensive mechanisms.

Technical verification: Moving beyond the "paper-based" approach to evaluating security controls, our technical assessments provide greater efficacy through utilising tools, scripts and custom configuration reviews.

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Security Engineering + operations

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Why Foresight?

Practical cybersecurity strategy tailored to protecting and securing your systems

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We’re about the long term relationship 

Creating a mature, lasting and positive security posture within our client’s organisations takes time. Cyber Security is now part of all organisations and as such is tied to the long-term success of our clients. We treat all of our clients as long-term partners, working together to achieve security outcomes.

Unrivalled expertise

Over the years, Foresight has provided unrivalled expertise in its service offerings. Our people are intelligent, collaborative and have real experience in the trenches of cyber security. Our team has worked with public and private sector organisations, including some of the largest companies in the world. We can bring this experience and expertise to bear to help our clients meet their security requirements.

Tailored to your needs

Every organisation is different and faces its own unique set of challenges. Foresight tailors its services to meet your specific requirements and help achieve your desired outcomes.

Many in the industry talk a big game. We don’t need to.

We have a practical, professional and dependable reputation. We’ve built up this reputation over decades of working with our clients solving complex problems with innovative and industry leading solutions, services and ideas. We earn trust by being upfront and collaborative in our approach. We expose how and why we arrive at a recommendation. Our advice is immediately clear to implement, and the results speak for themselves. For this reason we do not need to rely on smoke, mirrors or padding.

Case study

We’re experts in Australian & International security standards

Case study

We’re experts in Australian & International security standards

A risk-based approach to strategic roadmap development

A major Australian Government department (“the Department”) undertook numerous system-based security assessments, generating in an extensive number of findings. To help prioritise the resultant security remediation and uplift initiatives, the Department engaged Foresight to develop a strategic roadmap. Foresight applied both a top-down and a bottom-up approach to provide the Department with a holistic, risk-based and pragmatic strategic roadmap. Foresight collaborated with technology and business stakeholders to co-develop the roadmap. The outcome assisted the client with its investment and operational prioritisations while ensuring strategic congruency. The client has since engaged Foresight to provide similar services to its portfolio agencies.

Detailed case study: Foresight_Case Study_Strategic Advisory_02.pdf

Utilising multi-faceted professional expertise to deliver holistic security assurance, engineering, and advisory services

A leading Australian government department (“the Department”) required security specialists to conduct a review of their Office 365 and Azure cloud environment. Initially, the engagement commenced as a Governance, Risk, and Compliance (GRC) piece of work for their Microsoft Dynamics 365 system. A consultative approach was adopted throughout the delivery cycle, which uncovered the need to leverage Foresight’s technical expertise to conduct security assessments, as well as provide security engineering and advisory services, across the Department’s cloud environment. The scope, complexity, and timeframe of this program of work required an agile response from Foresight’s Security Engineering team...

Detailed case study: Foresight Security Engineering

Value-based and results-oriented technical security engineering services

A recently formed Australian government agency (“the Agency”) required security specialists to assist with a number of security services, including security risk assessments, security control reviews, security control implementation and uplift, and ongoing security operations services. The Agency’s ICT systems are cloud based with number of key systems hosted in Microsoft Azure. Foresight was able to provide both security advisory and engineering assistance to build, uplift and monitor the Agency’s Azure cloud environment. The client noted the engagements undertaken by Foresight were performed to a high standard, well documented so that the client can maintain the new controls delivered and have provided a level of confidence that its security controls are operating effectively.

Detailed case study: Foresight Security Engineering

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